Spark Thermionics

The Challenge

Design a logo for a startup developing solar panel technology which captures energy from heat as well as light. The client requested that the logo evoke 1950’s futurism with its boundless optimisim and belief in the power of scientific breakthroughs.

The Solution

The logomark uses two angled triangles to create an S-shaped lightning bolt on a circular backdrop. The angle gives the design energy, and the warm color palette evokes a sense of heat. The wordmark combines the distinctive, funky Rotis Semi Serif with the simple, slightly rectangular letterforms of Galaxie Polaris to evoke the sense of retro-futurism that the client was looking for.


After creating an inspiration board with images of heat, power, retro geometric patterns and futuristic imagery, I developed a color scheme and a range of logomark and wordmark options. With feedback from the client we picked one direction and I refined it by angling the lightning bolt to give it more energy, customizing the Rotis Semi Serif to enlarge and emphasize the serifs, and then adjusting the balance of the final logo lockups.